Our goal is to make lovable and useful technologies available to our customers.

Syswind Ltd. was established in 2017 with the aim of providing you or other domestic companies with IT consulting that would make real business benefits available through the use of new technologies. Before that, we worked in IT – this is our life – and we got into this business just to show that it could be done even better.

By 2021, we’ve gotten to be taken seriously everywhere and we’ve become favorites in the sourcing departments of many large businesses.


Cisco, Extreme Networks, Meraki,, Palo Alto Networks network devices and security firewalls, ISE and SASE security and management services for SD-WAN networks for industrial, logistics, office and commercial users

Cisco Meraki cloud-driven environmental sensors, cameras and countless building management, logistics, commercial and security applications to improve IT network functionality

Zero Trust networking, access and data security management, risk-based vulnerability management, security analysis and audit preparation

Microsoft Azure cloud and hybrid solutions, IaaS, PaaS, VM, SQL DB and Kubernetes services, data security

Microsoft operating systems, M365 office application packages and Cisco Webex technologies and tools for business collaboration and event management

PaperCut, SAFEQ print management on HP, Konica-Minolta and Xerox multifunction, corporate devices


Who you can turn to with your questions, who you can get help from

The services of Syswind Ltd. are implemented of qualified and recognized IT engineers, administrators, and security specialists. Contact our managers with your professional questions by email!


Executive manager / senior IT consultant

IT Operations Manager
Network consultant
Business automation specialist
Business planner



Executive manager / senior network engineer

IT network development engineer
CCSI systems instructor
CCNP security, routing switching
CCNA CyberOps associate



Sales and Marketing Manager

Customer Relations
PR and marketing
Online and offline appearances


Syswind Supplier Qualifications

Syswind - Cisco Certified Premier Partner - MSP

Cisco Premier Certified

The specialists of Syswind have decades of experience in implementing and supporting Cisco solutions.


Our engineers not only develop data center and cloud platform solutions, but also provide training for our customers.

"Only and soleily what you really love makes sense and you can do it in such a way that others find joy in it. Everything else is just a convulsive experiment. Professionals never try."

Ferenc Pálinkás - marketing manager
"You can make a lot of money, but we chose this area and set up this company to make the most of our knowledge. And it's not just professionalism that matters, it's our customer satisfaction that motivates us."
"It's important for me to be able to deal with things in my life that are partly my hobby and partly my vocation. The two together can be the key to success in many ways, so we founded Syswind 5 years ago. I feel we're well on our way to recognition."
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BioTech USA

Network development

Our client's primary goal was to create a centralized and easy-to-manage network. They requested the support of our company for the redesign and development of the partially inherited network structure provided by the sites. The goal was to create a complex, customized netwok beating ZeroTrust security level. First, our network security consultant and members of the implementation team analyzed the options. The planning and testing took place on weekdays, during working hours, while the major phases of works, causing network downtime, were done over the weekends. As the company expands, we continue network developments with ongoing support.


Network development

The task was to create a much more transparent network structure. Our client’s goal was to achieve easier management options, so there was a lengthy but thorough survey and testing before planning. Our customer's employees didn't noticed anything about it, because most of the work was not done on site. The conceptual design was based on future development opportunities. In a detailed presentation before implementaion, we showed the differences, strengths and benefits of the new system.

UTB Envirotec

IT Infrastructure development

UTB Envirotec contacted us with the need for IT consultancy within the modernization and development of their IT system on the one hand, and to provide ongoing support on the other. The direction of development has led to the cloud, making the operation of the system not only more modern but more cost-effective. Consolidation of infrastructure has reduced recurrent spending and removed serious vulnerabilities.