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Cyber security solutions can provide maximum support for the protection of your data and systems, if a responsible IT security specialist manages the processes with a risk-based strategy. It is a big responsibility to interpret the data, reports, and proposals of the security systems, and to make responses and critical decisions based on them. This is the job of the CISO. If you don’t have CISO, we can provide you with CISO-as-a-Service for less than half the cost of a full-time professional.

Cyber security is a process that requires constant monitoring and active management from minute zero. It is not enough to install an antivirus, it is not enough to read the update reports, but it requires making serious and responsible decisions.

CISO-as-a-Service is a service with which we support your company’s cybersecurity strategy, its implementation and operation.

The CISO helps you in the formulation of security expectations, strategy planning, policy development, and the implementation and operation of a secure infrastructure.
It is not easy to find a good specialist on the labor market, and the monthly costs can reach €6,000. The CISO-as-a-Service is now available from €1,990.
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Implementation and supervision of the organization's cyber security program

The CISO's primary role is to provide strategic guidance to the cybersecurity program. In addition to providing guidance, the CISO's responsibility is to ensure that organizations remain compliant with cybersecurity standards, policies, regulations, and legislation.
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Aligning cybersecurity with business goals

Another responsibility of the CISO is to make sure that the goals of your organization's cybersecurity program are aligned with the goals that your organization wants to achieve. One of the key functions of this role is to ensure clear communication between security personnel and key stakeholders.
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Report on cyber security

CISO plays an important role in providing business leaders with information on key cybersecurity trends. It is vital that CISO provides senior management with a consolidated and comprehensive view of their organization's cybersecurity posture.
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Monitoring of incident response activities

The CISO has a key role in the organization during a security incident. The CISO's responsibility is to oversee how IT operations manage a cyber security incident when it is identified. Crisis management is also the responsibility of the CISO. In order to effectively communicate incident response information to senior management, the CISO must monitor every information security incident that occurs, no matter how small.
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Managing business continuity and disaster recovery

Developing and implementing business continuity and disaster recovery plans is another key role of the CISO. Security incidents can have many impacts on an organization, for example ransomware incidents can cause downtime, when CISO can play a vital role in ensuring business continuity.
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Strengthening the culture of information security

The CISO plays a role in promoting and broadly disseminating a culture of conscious information security within the organization. The CISO must support the organization as a consultant by constantly communicating its strategy and vision. This is effective when communications are tailored to different parts of the organization and relevant to the target audience.
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Management of supplier relationships

The level of information security of other organizations poses a significant risk in collaborations. A CISO can help ensure that consistent vendor management processes are in place to reduce information security risks. Due to the vulnerability of the supply chain, CISO can collaborate with, for example, the cyber defense teams of your suppliers so that they can deal with threats in a coordinated manner by sharing data.
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Effective use of cyber security budgets

It is also the CISO's responsibility to use the budget allocated to the organization's cybersecurity program efficiently and effectively. A CISO can help an organization make decisions about how to invest effectively in cybersecurity.
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Management of personnel
Support of IT administrators within the organization

Cyber security is not the sole responsibility of the CISO. In fact, you need a prepared team to protect your organization. Therefore, the CISO is responsible for training the organization's IT staff and managers, assigning tasks, and meeting critical deadlines.
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